terms + conditions of sale

Acceptance of Orders

STATEMENTS TILE & STONE, INC., will accept orders subject to our ability to ship at the time and in the quantities specified. We shall not be held liable in the event of delay or failure to make shipment. No order may be canceled without our consent. If we are unable to make shipment of the specified quantities at the specified dates, the buyer may give notice in writing of cancellation only if the material has not been shipped from the factory. Any stock order more than sixty days old will automatically be restocked. Due to the volume of orders that sit in our warehouse for more than sixty days, we will be unable to contact you before restocking. Please contact our order desk in writing within the sixty days if you need an extension. Any prepaid or billed orders will be considered abandoned and discarded after 6 months without notice.


Special Order Items (Items not inventoried in Seattle by Statements Tile & Stone, Inc.)

may not be canceled or returned under any condition. These goods will be invoiced immediately upon receipt in Statement’s warehouse or in the customer’s possession. A 50% non-refundable deposit may be required on special orders.


Packaging Charges

A $10.00 packing fee will be charged for each carton re-packaged for shipments sent via UPS, U.S. Mail, Federal Express, Air Freight, common carrier, etc. A fee per pallet will be charged on orders shipping on a pallet. All goods are carefully packaged and inspected, and delivered to the carrier in good condition. Damage, loss or delays in transit are beyond our control, therefore all claims must be made to the carrier by the customer. It is very important to notify the carrier of any claim immediately so inspection can be made and a claim filed.


Return Policy

Prior customer service department approval is required before any return will be accepted. An original copy of the invoice must be provided to Statements Tile & Stone, Inc., at time of return. Materials must be returned within thirty days of purchase in full cartons only. Marble, granite, slate, grouts, thinsets, damaged items and special order items are not returnable. A 25% restock charge will be assessed on all approved return items. Statements Tile & Stone, Inc., will put material on 'inventory hold' for a period of 24 hours. Please use this service to avoid the 25 % restock charge on canceled orders.



Use Constitutes Acceptance.  It is the buyer’s responsibility to inspect the materials before installation. If for any reason the material is regarded as unsatisfactory, Statements Tile & Stone, Inc., must be notified before installation. Statements Tile & Stone, Inc., shall not be liable for product said to be incorrectly sized, shaded, packed, not matching prior shipment, not matching sample or otherwise deemed unsatisfactory. Consequently, Statements Tile & Stone, Inc., will not make allowances for labor claims or other charges. Variations in color or shade are inherent in all fired clay products and thus no claims with respect to color variation can be allowed after material is installed. 


Terms of Payment

COD customers will pay by cash, or Visa/MasterCard. Customers with established credit accounts will pay 'NET 30 DAYS' (unless otherwise stated on invoice). Interest of 1 ½ % per month will be charged on all past due balances commencing on the first day of the month following the date due. Upon default of payment, customer agrees to pay collection cost and reasonable attorney fees that may be incurred. Statements Tile & Stone, Inc., at its option, reserves the right to choose the venue of any suit or action brought to collect any amount. Payments will be applied to finance charges and oldest balances first. Any discrepancies in payment application must be brought to our attention within thirty days of statement date. No adjustment will be made after this thirty-day period; Please check your statements monthly.


NSF Check Policy

It is the policy of Statements Tile & Stone, Inc., to charge a $25 processing fee for all checks returned by the bank for insufficient funds (NSF checks). Additionally, any penalties assessed by the bank on a customer’s returned check will be charged to the customer’s account. When a check is returned, Statements Tile & Stone, Inc..], reserves the right to require payment by cash, cashier’s check, or credit card.


Limited Warranty

Statements Tile offers a one (1) year limited warranty on ceramic/porcelain tiles, glass tiles, and natural stone tiles, on residential and commercial installations made by a qualified and licensed tile contractor per TCNA standards. This warranty applies to the original purchase of standard grade (first quality) products only. Such products are warranted to be free from defects for a period of one year from date of purchase. No agent, employee, or representative of Statements Tile or any installer, dealer, agent, builder, or manufacturer, has any authority to alter or modify the obligations or limitations of this warranty.
The Limited Warranty offered by Statements Tile excludes any problems or occurrences caused or arising from the following:
1. Improper installation or installation by an unauthorized Tile Contractor. Statements Tile expressly makes no recommendations concerning the installation of the product and assumes no responsibility for the method or type of installation used.
2. Improper use and/or maintenance of the product, or failure to follow recommended maintenance and care guidelines.
3. Ordinary wear and tear.
4. Grout-related problems, including but not limited to; shade variation, discoloration, staining or mildew.
5. Normal design or color variation from samples or illustrations.
6. Any color or shade variations, irregular markings, voids, pitting, veins, and differences in density, where such are natural or inherent characteristics of stone products.
In the event of a defect in the product, Statements Tile will replace the defective product with product of equal value. If Statements Tile cannot replace the product or such replacement is not commercially practicable, Statements Tile may, at its option, refund the purchase price as reflected in the original invoice. Labor charges for the removal of product or installation of replacement product are specifically excluded from this warranty. In no event shall Statements Tile be responsible or liable in contract or tort for any special, indirect or consequential damages, for loss of use, or for injury or damage caused to persons or property by reason of improper installation, maintenance, or use of the product. This limited warranty shall constitute the sole and full extent of Statements Tile liability and replaces any and all other written or oral representations regarding the warranty of its products. A waiver by Statements Tile of any term, condition, or obligation under this limited warranty shall not constitute a continuing waiver of any such term, condition, or obligation, or a waiver of any other term, condition, or obligation under this limited warranty.
The original purchaser must notify Statements Tile within thirty days of the discovery of the defective product, but in no instance later than one year from the date of purchase. Statements Tile shall then have the right to inspect the product on site, and to have samples of the product sent directly to the manufacturer. No claim will be honored by Statements Tile without Statements Tile being first given the right to inspect the allegedly defective product and installation method. Failure to produce the product for inspection or removal of installed product without Statements Tile inspection of install methods will render this warranty void in its entirety. In addition, a valid invoice and/or other documentation verifying purchase from Statements Tile and date of installation must be provided to Statements Tile. Failure to produce such documentation may result in automatic denial of any warranty claim.